God Creating Adam by William Blake


This web page presents a formal written defense for Christianity.  It is the goal of this webpage to inform, but not to purposefully offend or to appear willfully harmful, inconsiderate or insulting.  The goal is simply to present evidence for the reader to evaluate.  Therefore, I asked for your indulgence and open-mindedness as you look into these things.

Please note that if you do not have a Bible, you can access several Bible versions on-line at http://www.biblegateway.com/ .  In addition, you can download free Bibles and selected biblical references at http://www.theophilos.com/. This may prove to be helpful when you need to look up a Bible verse, and will not cost you any money for the programs.

This web page is still under construction, especially regarding Is The Bible the Word of God?  More information will be added there as time permits.

For those who have expressed an interest in my books, you can find details regarding these at the following link: Desert Willow Publishing.

The following outline of this webpage also provides links to all the articles.  Just click on a link to get started:
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